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Showcasing Women Business Leaders around the World

She Rocks Global showcases perfectly imperfect women from around the globe. This podcast is produced by Macarena Botta from Uruguay, Nwabisa Mayema from South Africa and Zoja Kukic from Serbia.

This group of women met in Philadelphia during a CDI Philadelphia womens group trip sponsored by our State Department as part of the International hosting done by the Global Ties network. They conceived of this idea to interview women around the world to share their success stories and their amazing creativity to start businesses and make connections. I had set up a meeting for the women at WBEC East, the womens business group I am part of in Philadelphia. I was out of town for the actual meeting but met up with Nwabisa on Zoom with one of the many Zoom connections calls set up during the beginning of the pandemic for us all to stay in touch around the world.

Nwabisa and I connected instantly on the call, so I set up a small International Women’s monthly zoom call with diverse women I wanted to meet each other:

  • Rosa Carrillo, a business relationship author and consultant who is of Mexican heritage, living in California;
  • Regine Callebaut, a Flemish LGBT leader in her work as a Lawyer and HR executive for the Bank of Paris, living in Leuven, Belgium;
  • Maryse Elliot, a scientist and publicist who lives in Amsterdam as a mother and business woman, raising three mixed children of Irish and French/African descent. Maryse is Parisian, her father is from Togo and her mother from Guadaloupe, and her ex-husband is from Ireland; and
  • Myself.. the straight white business woman, married and living in Princeton, NJ and raised in Philadelphia.

On our calls, Nwabisa introduced us all to her Podcast development of She Rocks Global and then she interviewed us separately to be part of her podcast.

You can listen to my Podcast on She Rocks Global ( and many other inspiring ones as they collect womens stories around the globe.  I got to be the first American Business woman they interviewed as my distinguishing honor.

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